Belfius Direct

What is it?

Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium and offers a payment solution for its customers: Belfius Direct. With Belfius Direct customers can perform online purchases in their familiar online banking from their bank. Belfius Direct payments are 100% guaranteed and can not be reversed unilaterally .

All information, such as beneficiary, amount and description, is predefined and controlled by the consumer. Consequently, the risk is excluded failed transactions. The status of the payment is available in real time.

If you have Bancontact you already have a nearby 100% coverage for Belgium, Belfius direct is purely an extra for Belfius Direct customers which ca pay in this way with their own app.


Customers do not have to disclose confidential information , which this payment has a very low threshold . Belfius Direct is also available for mobile and over 30% of transactions take place in this manner.

Belfius Direct is ideally suited to receive payments from customers in Belgium and indispensable when Belgian consumers belong to your target audience.




Bank, Guaranteed

Key benefits

Secure and safe

The customer pays via his familiar Internet banking environment


The visitor does not have to register, download files or create an account


Instantly available

Fast and easy

All payment details are entered for the visitor and is immediately notified of the successful payment


The customer maintains constant control and oversight of the payment; the payment is processed immediately and visible on his bank statement


The name of the customer and the account will only be provided to the merchant after the customer has authorized the payment