Worldwide Checkout

Accept Bitcoin payments from customers around the world for your digital products and services.

Through DialXS your customers can pay with Bitcoins and you will receive the payment in Euros. The exchange rate is fixed at the time the transaction in which the amount and payment are guaranteed, so as riskless as other online payment methods.

Cheap, without knowledge

As a merchant, you don’t need to have a Bitcoin Wallet, the existing plug-ins / API that are provided by DialXS is used to activate Bitcoin.

DialXS processes the payment, we do the conversion and regulates the payout.

It does not matter what you sell, or to whom you sell it , Bitcoin makes it possible for you to sell more.

In addition, the costs are lower than traditional payment methods – without any form of restriction.


Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, worldwide


Digital, Guaranteed

Key benefits

No currency loss

DialXS calculates real-time price and do the currency conversion


All Bitcoin payments are 100% guaranteed no possibility of chargeback

Global coverage

With Bitcoins customers can pay worldwide

Real-time processing

All payments are in real time , thus always up to date.

No knowledge of Bitcoin

You don't need any knowledge of Bitcoin to process Bitcoin. All is handled via DialXS


Unlike other forms of payment the consumer is completely anonymous