Boleto Bancário

Card payment

Boleto Bancario, simply referring to Boleto (English : Ticket) is a popular payment method in Brazil that is regulated by FEBRABAN, the acronym for the Brazilian Banking Federation.
A Boleto can be used at the ATM, banks and through internet banking from any bank, post office, lottery agents and some supermarkets until it is expired. After the expiration date it can be exclusively paid by the issuing banks.


Boleto can only be collected by an authorized collection agent within the Brazilian territories. All Brazilian banks, post offices ( Correios ) and lottery agencies plus some private companies that participate in the system.

There is no chargeback risk for (international) merchants with Boleto Bancário and domestic bank transfers. Once payment is confirmed, consumers can still only request a refund at the merchant.





Key benefits

Real time

Payments are handled real time

Guaranteed payment

100% safe and guaranteed

Indemnified solution

Complete solution for Brazil

No witholding taxes

No tax levied by Brazilian government on payout

Easy setup

Simple to implement on your website via plugin or API

Connection via DialXS

No external contracts required