Capayable : ease of postpay

Capayable is one of the methods for postpay in the Netherlands. Customers are first delivered their order and pay afterwards and, if desired, spread payment to Capayable. Payments are 100% guaranteed.

Postpay is a customer-friendly service that increasingly sales for a webshop. Studies show an increase in the conversion to 30 % at online shops that offer this payment method.

No risk

During the ordering process, Capayable is doing the consumer check which outcome determines whether the customer can pay afterwards.




Guaranteed, Pay After Delivery

Key benefits


Offer cheap a postpay payment option


Capayable is available in The Netherlands

No risk

Capayable takes over any risk

Payment schedule

With Capayable customers gets a 14 days window to pay their bill

Look and style

To improve the customer contact even more Capayable can be fully integrated into the look and feel of your online store

Relatively cheap

Compared to other pay after delivery options, Capayable is relatively cheap