Cartes Bancaires

Carte Bancaires / Carte Bleue

Carte Bancaires and Carte Bleue debit and credit cards are used primarily within the borders of France. If you want French consumers Checkout on your web shop, this payment should not be missing on your payment page.

Carte Bancaires was founded in 1984 and Carte Bleue has been around since 1967 and is now part of Carte Bancaire . They are the best known and most used debit and credit cards in France. There are in France more than 33 million of these cards in circulation.

Who can pay with Carte Bancaires or Carte Bleue ?

DialXS supports payments with all Carte Bancaires / Carte Blue cards, not like others only a few cards. This means you can get paid more than 33 million French cardholders with DialXS your shop.



Key benefits


Carte Bancaires or Carte Blue is in France, the most widely used credit card


Thanks to the extra security and guarantees


Easy setup in minutes no external contracts needed


Easy via plugin or API from DialXS


All payments are 3DS so all payments are guaranteed


99,9% uses Carte Bancaires