EPS Überweisung

EPS Überweisung is a debit card in Austria which can be compared with iDEAL. The payment was introduced in 2001 and has a range of more than 2 million Austrian and a debit account holders.

With a range of more than 2 million consumers EPS Überweisung the online payment method in Austria.

EPS ( Electronic Payment Standard) is a debit card payment method that can be seen as the iDEAL variant of Austria . Already accepted over 90% of the Austrian merchants EPS as a payment method in their shop.

Complete solution

EPS transactions are guaranteed, so there is no risk of any cancellations and / or chargebacks. When paying with EPS, you get to Cardgate a real-time feedback on the status. This allows you to send the ordered product directly to your customer. Rapid processing ensures satisfied customers.

Online payment with EPS has grown annually by 500% since its inception in 2001. So it’s just like iDEAL in the Netherlands, a successful payment and a must if you want to control Austrian customers to your shop.

The following banks are supported:

Bank Austria, Bank Burgenland, Ärztebank, Bankhaus Carl Spängler, Bankhaus Schelhammer, BAWAG, Die österreichischen Volksbanken, easybank, Erste Bank und Sparkassen, Gärtnerbank, Hypo Alpe Adria, Hypo Invest, Hypo Tirol, Immobank, Investkreditbank, Niederösterreichische Landesbank, Oberbank AG, Österreichische Apothekerbank, PSK Bank, Raiffeisen, Schoellerbank AG, Sparda Bank, Sparda-Bank Linz, Sparda-Bank Villach, Hypo Oberösterreich, Hypo Salzburg, Hypo Steiermark, Vorarlberger Landes-Hypo, VR-Bank Brunau.




Bank, Guaranteed

Key benefits


All payments are guaranteed so no charge backs


Thanks to the extra security and guarantees


All transactions are real time


With almost 55 million customers


Easy setup via plugin and/or API


Directly via DialXS so no external contracts needed