How does it work

A customer orders a product in your store. He chooses the payment method Focum and agrees to the terms. At that time, the consumer will be checked automatically. If the payment is approved, you can deliver the order to the customer.

After delivery of the item, the customer receives an invoice by email. Then the customer can easily pay via iDEAL link contained in the email.
If the customer does not pay, we’ll automatically send a reminder and final summation. We do all this in the style of your shop, so the bill is recognized by your customers and correspondence from your online store.

More customers, more sales

For the customer postpay is much more customer-friendly than prepay. You radiate confidence to your customers and that lowers the threshold.
Moreover, now you can reach customers who might otherwise drop out at the checkout.

Are customers in doubt about a product? With Focum they can order it, try it and only pay if it’s to their liking.


Belgium, Netherlands


Guaranteed, Pay After Delivery

Key benefits

Customer Acceptance

Higher acceptance rate by Focum


Understanding payment risks from potential customers

100% Payment Guarantee

Focum performs real-time a credit at check out

Choose your own guarantee rate

Focum can guarantee 100% payment if the customer doesn't pay up

Up to 30% more sales in retrospect Pay

Postpay is an option that is often used

Highest acceptance rate in the market

Better analysing of the customer data and that gives a higher acceptance rate