Gift cards offer Dutch visitors to your website the ability to pay online in one of the many gift cards.

There is a good reason to use Gift Cards: it’s nice to get a gift card, but it’s just as fun to give one . The giver does not risk giving an unwanted gift, and the recipient can use the card itself to find out something beautiful.

Other benefits
  • Activation at the time of sale
  • Administrative simplicity
  • Free or fixed value
  • Cross retail opportunities
  • Business to business opportunities
  • Secure and fraud-proof
  • Internet options
  • Cheaper than paper coupon
  • At any time current reporting available
  • Personalized gift card

Belgium, Netherlands


Card, Guaranteed

Key benefits

Safe and secure

Activation at the time of sale


Guaranteed and fraud-proof

Customer loyalty

Visitors do return to your website


No external contracts required everything is handled via DialXS

Real time

Sales are available immediately