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The easier it is for people to shop, the more you’ll sell. And it doesn’t get any easier than Klarna.

Give your customers the simplest buying experience, and it will help to increase conversion rates and average order value.

Optimise your whole checkout with Klarna Checkout
Most checkout carts are deserted before the sale is completed. 66% of laptop users and as many as 82% of smartphone shoppers don’t bother checking out. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Complement your checkout with Klarna Payments

Financing solutions today are having a hard time adapting to the new world of e-commerce. Instead of asking consumers about their marital status and employer information we use data to enhance the shopping experience for your customer. We don’t just increase your customer purchase power, we also improve loyalty, conversion and AOV for you.


Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden


Guaranteed, Pay After Delivery

Key benefits

One integration

Better security, better sales numbers


We provide the setup with Klarna