Mobile Content Billing

What is it?

Safe Klick makes payments on mobile Internet easy and simple. Through a single click the payment can be realized. The payment will be deducted from the mobile bill or prepaid by the end user. Easy for the end user and easy for a content provider.

Safe Klick arranges everything; a payment page to the remittance. With Safe Klick-time payments can be performed, but also subscription payments. The system handles the periodic collection of subscription fees. So you do not have to invest in an expensive billing system.

How can I use it?

Safe Klick is easily combined with our affiliate system and it is available for all mobile networks in the Netherlands and Belgium. For other countries, there are similar options available.

  • Easy payment with the push of a button
  • Suitable for both one-time payments for subscriptions
  • Payments up to 10 EUR
  • Payments Guaranteed

Belgium, Netherlands


By phone, Guaranteed

Key benefits

The payment is 100 % guaranteed

No chargeback options to risk


Available in the Netherlands and Belgium

Real time

Real time so always up-to-date status updates


Recurring subscriptions also possible


Consumers remain anonymous at payment

Single click

From 0,15 EUR to 10 EUR payable with single click