Let DialXS advise you about Przelewy24

Przelewy24 is a Polish local Internet service which facilitates the transfer of amounts for payments between consumers and sellers.

Prezelewy24 guarantees payment to the merchant with no chargeback risk and is the most used Internet payment method in Poland. Poland is on the 8th position of the top 10 European Internet nations with a user penetration of 57% of the population (22.7 million people).

How does it work?

While doing an online payment at a participating merchant, the consumer chooses Przelewy24 as payment and authorizes the transfer.

The transaction amount is directly retrieved from the consumer via its Przelewy24 account or if the balance is not enough, consumers will have to top up the balance with one of the available charging methods. After successful payment.




Bank, Guaranteed

Key benefits


The payment is 100 % guaranteed so no chargeback risks

Most commonly used payment method in Poland

The payment solution with 22,7M users


For each bank account holder in Poland

Familiar and very known

Every bank in Poland is connected to Przelewy24