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Online shopping, who doesn’t do it in some degree? More and more consumers are discovering the advantagewhers of online shopping. Quickly and easily compare prices and products online. The shop is available day and night and accessible.

The only downside to of all this shopping and ordering experience is that many merchants require a payment from you before you receive the product. Your product will be delivered only if you have paid the full price. Often there are reasons and situations where you would have preferred to first receive your product(s) before paying.

Online and afterwards

Riverty offers a new payment option within the online checkout. With Riverty you can shop online safely and post-pay by check or a trusted digital bill. Another advantage is that you always and everywhere can order your products without having to stress about online banking or credit cards.


Belgium, Netherlands


Guaranteed, Pay After Delivery

Key benefits

You always get paid

The risk is taken by Riverty

Easy intergration

Via existing plugin or API