Let DialXS advise you about V PAY

With eMaestro and V PAY you can pay online with your debit card in the same way as with a credit card. With eMaestro and V PAY , the first steps will be put to a European standard for online payments. In time, every European will both domestically and in other European countries can pay online with his debit card.

Who can pay with eMaestro and V PAY ?

At present, consumers only in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Turkey and Belgium pay with eMaestro and V PAY . Because this payment method is increasingly popular, this would in the future may well become your most used European online payment .


Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom


Creditcard, Guaranteed

Key benefits

Well known

The European debit card by Visa


No risk with offering Visa V PAY and no charge back


Simple implementation due to API and/or plugin


All payments are 3D secure