Let DialXS advise you about VISA and MasterCard

VISA and MasterCard are the most widely used credit cards worldwide. This allows consumers around the world to pay online in your shop.

You’ll be surprised how many international consumers know where to find your shop and offer you the option to pay with VISA and MasterCard .

VISA and MasterCard have existed since the 60s and are the world’s largest credit card providers. VISA International owns approximately 21,000 financial institutions worldwide but is best known for its credit card services. MasterCard credit cards issued licenses worldwide and is one of the largest companies of its kind. Billions of people in more than 200 countries have a credit card of VISA or MasterCard.

How to pay online with VISA or MasterCard?

The consumer places an order with an online shop and indicates with a credit card from VISA or MasterCard. Then, the consumer is asked to enter the card number and the so-called CVC code.

For reasons of safety in (online) payments by credit card consumers are increasingly asked for a PIN or other code. By entering the requested information, the consumer authorizes the payment. Then, the shop is informed that the order is paid. Standard processing is 3DS, depending on your business we can also process non-3DS.


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Key benefits


The most widely used credit card


Due to 3DS procesing


Easy to setup due to plugin and/or sample scripts and API