The DialXS iMonitor is a unique app for iOS and Android

The DialXS iMonitor is a unique app for iOS and Android
The iMonitor allows you to obtain the real time status of your DialXS account and provides you with sales information.

Some features:

  • Dashboard with real time overview and the latest news
  • Live monitor that shows the current activity in your account (s)
  • Totals per country, payment method, website or affiliate account
  • QR codes to easily add DialXS account(s)
  • push notifications
  • Reports on previous periods
  • Easily view periodic reviews
  • Select and de- select certain accounts to focus
How to obtain the iMonitor app

The IOS app is available in the App Store

The Android app is available in Google play

Key benefits

Real time

Real time insight in your account(s)

Available for Android and iOS

Available for IPhone/ IPad (IOS) and Android devices


The iMonitor is free for our merchants


By country, payment method, website, account or affiliate program

Push notifications

Ability to set up push notifications


Show simple statements; weekly, monthly or yearly, per account, per website etc.