What is an IVR

IVR is a software application that accepts a combination of telephone entry ( via voice) and push buttons and then provides the correct response in the form of voice , call forwarding, call back , email and possibly other media.

Examples of some IVR applications:

  • banking
  • surveys and polls
  • call center
  • consulting services ( psychics )
  • simple orders and transactions
  • selective information request ( movies, etc.)
  • telephone exchange
What can be done via DialXS

DialXS offers customers the option of running their own “DialXS IVR” application which is connected via PRS, optionally supplemented by a so-called “carousel” to (available) operators.

The visitor calls a premium rate number and will hear the appropriate greeting message which itself is customizable, for example: “Welcome to ……”. The caller now hears a menu, for example, three choices. The number of choices and the lyrics can be determined by yourself.

You can add as an administrator operators, block and delete accounts through the DialXS account.

A log-in code is provided so each operator, can log on and off and also see their own statistics.
Also there is an option to opt out of the Voicebox via SMS. Operators can also customize their own welcome message.

The number of voice boxes is unlimited.

Key benefits

Easy to set up

Easy startup with sample scripts and API

Unlimited Voice Boxes

Unlimited with no additional cost

No monthly fees

We won't charge you for additional services


Everything is adjustable, such as your own layout and styling

Forward to fixed and mobile

Default to mobile / fixed and VOIP national and international


Possibility of Notification via SMS and/or Email