Online Mass Wire Transfer


With the Online Mass Wire Transfer (OMWT) you can offer payout service to any performer bank account straight from your merchant account. You can upload batches directly into your account, after upload you see the actual number of transactions and the total amount being transferred. Once uploaded you need to approve the payout (possible per transaction) and our system will do the payouts to the bank accounts as provided. (We charge a fixed rate of 4,50 EUR)


For processing, you not only can do different currencies but also can select different payout dates in the batch. You can easily set a new user with specific rights so only that user can perform (batch) uploads.
Via our extensive reporting in our BackOffice, there is always a clear overview of the status per transfer/batch.

For instance, a transaction could contain:

Beneficiary name | Country | BIC | IBAN | Description | Amount | Currency | Transfer Date

OMWT is available for any DialXS merchant account.

If you require more information contact our sales team.

Key benefits

Batch upload

Standard possible to upload a batch (CSV)


Batch upload can be set to waiting status upon approval


Per transfer you can set different execution dates

Multiple currencies

Per transfer you can set multiple different currencies (ie. USD/EUR/CAD/GBP etc etc)

Target group

Perfect solution for webcam studios who are doing payouts to their performers/models

Bank check

Standard we provide IBAN / Bank check with error reporting