SMS chat

Complete all in one package

Given the high demand DialXS has developed a SMS chat application so merchants can run their own chat service.

This online application makes it possible to offer the service immediately after creation of a keyword to your customers. The consumer sends a text message and those can be answered from the chat application.

This chat application is therefore very suitable to use at a webcam service and/or a community site.
The online chat application meets the current rules and regulations and is able to be coupled with an on-line profile, if this is desired.

This application is available in a demo version, so you can get an impression of the capability and ease of using this application.


Obviously, integrating these applications seamlessly with your DialXS account , with all the benefits that entails. You can think of affiliate (s) accounts , promoters, webmasters and webmaster monitor.

Depending on your needs, there are several possibilities.

Key benefits

Easy to manage

All is handled from within your DialXS account

Complete package

Just install the template on your website and you can start instantly

Unlimited operators

Unlimited number of operators

Everything in house

You control the options yourself via your DialXS account and/or API

Complete me in line

Developed with the latest regulations, so it's compliant

Website integration

Seamlessly fitting into your own website