Since 2000 DialXS delivers telecom and payment solutions as a trusted partner of many companies and institutions. We ensure that the visitors to your website can pay quickly and easily for the services and products you offer. DialXS is innovative and cooperative, and guarantees to deliver secure and reliable technologies. We are known to act flexible and customer directed in every situation.

Payment solutions

As a service provider of telecom and payment services DialXS provides both global and local payment solutions commonly used in most countries and regions. This makes it possible to realize the maximum possible conversion in all areas in which you are active or want to be active. Correctly chosen payment solutions leads to more success, and of course we will be happy to provide you with our best advice.


Accept SOFORT Banking payments

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Drop Call

Accept payments with a single call

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Cartes Bancaires

Accept Carte Bancaire payments

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Branch Organisations

As a professional telecom and payment service provider DialXS is affiliated with several branch organizations. So we and our customers are continuously involved in the latest market initiatives and the developments in the field of regulations. This way all parties work together to ensure that payment services are and will remain safe and reliable for consumers.


DialXS offers a wide range of ready-made products that fully interact with our telecom and payment solutions. Obviously you can customize everything as you wish for a seamless integration into your website. This allows you to realize an optimal user experience for your customers during checkout.

Webcam Services

Start your own videochat platform fully integrated with all our payment solutions

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Online payments

Let customers pay with the payment methodes they know and trust

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